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Welcome Antonio Bleda of Bleda Family Wines, Levant Spain

Howard Friedman of South River Imports visiting his friend, Antonio Bleda. 

Howard Friedman of South River Imports visiting his friend, Antonio Bleda. 

Friday, April 10th we will welcome Antonio Bleda, representative for his family vineyard of Bodegas Bleda located in the D.O. of Jumilla in Spain's southeast region of "Levant".   

Family owned since 1935, Antonio's vineyards are at elevations that range from 1400 - 2600 feet about 80 miles inland from the Mediterranean.  They were the first winery in the D.O. of Jumilla to market its wines in the bottle.  Vines range in age from 12 to 45 years and are planted in soil that is for the most part dark limestone.  The climate is tempered by its proximity to the Mediterranean; rainfall is scarce; and summers can be extremely hot and dry with temperatures sometimes rising to over 100.  

Antonio will feature their Monastrell, Rose (if the Rose makes it on time; as it is currently en route to the States), and Blanco. 

MONTESINOS MONASTRELL  Rich with crisp, fresh, delicate hints of dark spice coupled with a light undertone of black current, this  Monastrell from the south of Spain is an astonishingly complex tasting experience at a bargain price.   Wonderful with grilled meats and tangy Thai or Asian dishes or by itself to cap off a long day.  It is done entirely in stainless steel.  The grapes for this wine are from "en vaso" vines of about 12-15 years old. For such a young wine without oak, this wine exhibits delicious complexity and very refined flavors.

MONTESINOS ROSE Currently making it's way across the Atlantic, their Rose is light and fresh with abundant fruit but with a clean, crisp finish with just enough acidity to add perfect balance to the wine.  Beautiful color, fresh vibrant aroma are the hallmarks of this extraordinary Rose.

MONTESINOS BLANCO This vintage of this wine is the best it has ever been, and it is brought to market in a new package that speaks of the wonderful light quality of this wine.  In the past, this wine has been made entirely from Macabeo.  This year it has been superbly improved by the addition of Sauvignon Blanc and Airen in a blend.  The resulting blend has much more well defined fruit against the very crisp green apple/lemon background of Macbeo. Bodegas Bleda is one a few Jumilla producers that make this wine. 


Bodegas Bleda, Levant Spain

Bodegas Bleda, Levant Spain

In the effort of creating approachable events for guests who love wine as much as Alice, we would like to offer tastes! 

Should you wish to try the lovely wines described above, kindly make a dinner reservation.  Our guests of honor will pour complementary tastes and chat about their wines during dinner time.  We will have glasses available for purchase should you wish to enjoy more than a taste.  


Friday April 10th, 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Meet Antonio Bleda, of Bleda Family Wines


Taste the wines at no charge while enjoying dinner from the Menu; glasses will be available for purchase. 


Stay tuned for more Friday Night Wine Events and Alice's Patio Pleasers...