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Affordable Bordeaux Tasting

Wine can be surprising more often than not!  You can perhaps imagine my complete surprise after having a successful Affordable Burgundy Tasting, that there are also Affordable Bordeaux's out there.  It only seems natural to follow our Burgundy Tasting, which was the First Day of Spring (March 20th) with a Bordeaux Tasting on the First Day of May!

Wine comes in at the mouth and love comes in at the eye; that's all we shall know for truth before we grow old and die.  -William Butler Yeats

If you haven't been paying attention, prices for the very best wines of the Bordeaux region of France are very pricey.  If you think we mean that bottles now cost $100-$150, you need to put a zero on the end. As little as twenty years ago the very best wines were merely expensive, you know, maybe $35 - $75. Today, at least for first-growth wines, prices can easily head north of a grand for a great vintage like 2009. And demand has never been higher, with most of the bottles headed to Singapore, Hong Kong, and China.

Luckily, we have done some rather fun searching and have found more affordable Bordeaux's for our customers to enjoy while not worrying about breaking the bank.  My new  friend Franck Agostini of Promex Wines has found a new lease on life in this market when he switched his excellent portfolio to a new distributor. With the change came a host of new properties that had not been sold in Maryland before. Franck has a range of wines from France but he is really connected in Bordeaux.

Franck also has one of the best-selected portfolios of affordable Bordeaux in the market, and it's hardly a surprise. Franck is rather, errr, obsessive about wines he represents; sometimes taking up to five years of building a relationship before representing a winery. 

At a recent tasting with Franck, we were amazed at the affordability of his Bordeaux's and instantly scooped some up for our wine list, including a value by the glass Bordeaux.  Franck will be at Bartlett Pear Inn on Mayday, May 1, to show seven Bordeaux wines and tell us about the people who make them. All of these wines are of excellent quality and represent true value in a region that sorely needs it!


Bordeaux Wine Tasting with Franck Agostini of Promex Wines

Please join us for our tasting and we would love for you to join us for dinner as well. Should you stay for dinner, enjoy a bottle of wine from the tasting line up at 50% off. 


Friday May 1st, 6:15pm - 8:15pm

(reservations available every half hour)

$25 per person, plus tax


Please call 410-770-3300 or




Later Event: May 9
Cambridge Beer Festival